Graduate Students

Leia Shum

  • 2019: Using error augmentation in immersive virtual reality for bimanual upper-limb rehabilitation (link)

Yi Jui Lee

  • 2019: Classification of body movements using a mattress-based sensor array (link)

Bulmaro Valdés

  • 2017: Reducing Compensatory Movements in Stroke Therapy through the Use of Robotic Devices and Augmented Feedback (link)

Navid Shirzad

  • 2017: Upper-body motion coordination after stroke : insights from kinematic and muscle synergies (link)

Chai-Ting (Tina) Hung

  • 2015: MASc on An evaluation of the use of vibrotactile cues in bilateral upper-limb motion training with healthy adults and hemiparetic individuals (link).

Samantha Sterling


Undergraduate Students

Ramsha Noor

Alida Verster

Nathan Wolfe

Yujie Yan